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Veloren Game Play and Game Devs!! Talk with Rust Open Source Game Contributors. Q&A Live on Linux!!

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Let's play Veloren and have an Open Source Game Development Talk / Interview with a Dev Team Members. We talk about Open Source Animation and Digital Art in Veloren using Rust and how it's helping pioneer Rust Game Dev. In this interview we discuss open source collaboration and how Veloren is paving the way for Rust Game Development in the Open Source community. Join in on the Open Source Game Dev today by visiting Veloren has been inspired by games like Cube World and MineCraft.

Veloren is a free-to-play open source RPG developed and programmed by Rust contributors. They're goal is to create an awesome game for people to play and enjoy with upwards of 100+ contributors they've done a great job over the past couple years developing this game. Today we talk to a member of the development community LIVE. Enjoy the talk and make sure to post more questions that can be answered in the future in the comments section.

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